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Free Shipping Worldwide. Use Code: PenPins10 Get 10% Off

Multifunction Car Rooftop Doorstep [ FREE SHIPPING ]

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The hook with a 510-pound load-bearing capacity can easily send an adult male and luggage to the roof, making full use of the space of the vehicleespecially suitable for car travel..

The hook is made of aviation aluminum and has extremely high strength. The place where the hook is in contact with the car is wrapped by an apron, which will not rub off the paint of the car.

In addition to helping you reach the roof safely, it can also be used as a safety hammer to protect your driving safety outdoors.


  • ▶Strong compatibility: You can climb to the roof or place tools on the roof, Compatible with a variety of cars, Car pedals help you easily connect to the door frame for easy access to the car roof
  • ▶High-quality materials: Made of lightweight and durable aluminum alloy. No sliding design provides solid, safe protection for your feet.

  • ▶Scratch-resistant Non-slip: The edge of the doorstep is equipped with a rubber padding to protect your car from the scratch of its edge. and prevent the car from suffering the collision.
  • ▶Safety Hammer Design: Provides you with a powerful tool for surviving in case of emergency, you can use our safety hammer to break through the glass to escape
  • ▶Foldable and Portable: It can be foldable and easy to carry and store, and does not take up space in the car. It is a perfect present for your husband


  • Material: Aviation Aluminum 
  • Maximum support 510 pounds.
  • Size: 6 * 4 * 4 inch
  • Function: Safety hammer, the folding doorstep of car top foot.